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For well over 100 years the legacy companies of Masonite Architectural – Algoma™, Baillargeon®, Harring®, Marshfield™ and Mohawk® – have been building unique and differentiated capabilities within the architectural wood door industry.

Two Product Series for Shaping Every Environment

We have consolidated our portfolio—resulting in a product offering comprised of two comprehensive product series that reduces complexity, eliminates overlap and creates a simpler and clearer selection process.


( Legacy Brands within Aspiro: Marshfield-Algoma and Harring )
  • Architectural Doors - Highest Aesthetic and Performance Qualities 

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  • The Aspiro Series offers exotic and domestic veneers, lifetime warranties and extensive STC, Fire Rated, Lead and Bullet Resistant door solutions.


( Legacy Brands within Cendura: Mohawk )
  • Commercial Doors - Ideal Balance of Performance and Value 

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  • The Cendura Series offers domestic veneers, limited warranties, STC and Fire Rated door solutions.

Proven Architectural Solutions

Discover how Masonite Architectural doors play a key role in shaping better environments within various verticals.

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Helping You Shape Better Environments

Our ongoing research provides you with the tools, resources and expertise to empower great designs for any market. As a result, you can confidently specify the right products for all your building’s aesthetic and performance needs.


Whether you’re providing enhanced acoustics to ensure peace and privacy in patient rooms or greater durability to stand up to high levels of traffic in a hotel lobby — we have the right door solution for every opening.

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