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Before designing with sound in mind, it’s helpful to understand the basic scientific principles of acoustics. When sound is generated, it creates a wave of pressure that travels through the air to a receptor—the human ear—where it is perceived by the brain. The decibel (dB) is the measurement of sound pressure levels…

Architectural Interior Door Solutions for the Health Care Market

This course provides an understanding of the role interior wood doors contribute to health care buildings to include: life safety, acoustics, aesthetics, performance demands, environmental requirements, evidence-based design, life cycle cost and patient satisfaction.  Contact us for assistance in signing up.

Blog: Are Door’s the Weakest Link in Your Room’s Acoustics?

(Spoiler: Yes, they probably are.) Here’s some ideas to improve them… Acoustical design considerations are crucial in these commercial settings and beyond. Making acoustics a cornerstone of our ability to enjoy life.  Careful design and detailing of a room’s wall, floor and ceiling can provide good acoustics. But room acoustics are only as good as the weakest link.


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