Acoustic Sound Tool: Education


Change the Acoustic Rating


Creating Successful Learning Environments

A recent study by the Acoustical Society of America revealed that students in classrooms with higher background noise earned lower reading test scores. Select Wood Veneer Doors from Masonite Architectural help K-12 and higher education buildings create healthy, productive learning environments by reducing distracting noise levels. Choose from a wide range of acoustic core ratings and customize the door style to enhance your project’s design, from contemporary to traditional and everything in between.

DISCLAIMER: The Masonite Architectural SoundTool compares the relative noise reducing performance of various acoustically rated wood doors. It is meant for general reference only and is not a guarantee of performance since installation, flanking, surrounding materials and the architecture/construction within commercial environments can greatly influence the overall acoustic performance. Acoustic test summaries are available for every Masonite Architectural acoustic door construction and can be provided upon request.