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Poor acoustics in a hospital can negatively impact sleep, stress and recovery time. Studies show that intensive care units can be excessively noisy, with levels ranging from 50 to 75 dBA. At night, the peak level at night can reach 103 dBA, which is louder than a lawnmower. Choice Laminates & High-Impact Doors from Masonite Architectural offer a wide acoustic-rating range in heavy-traffic openings. Designed to last, Choice Laminate & High-Impact doors do not require protective metal edge guards, kick plates or armor of any kind.

DISCLAIMER: The Masonite Architectural SoundTool compares the relative noise reducing performance of various acoustically rated wood doors. It is meant for general reference only and is not a guarantee of performance since installation, flanking, surrounding materials and the architecture/construction within commercial environments can greatly influence the overall acoustic performance. Acoustic test summaries are available for every Masonite Architectural acoustic door construction and can be provided upon request.