4 Fresh Design Ideas for Architectural Wood Doors

When you design a commercial space, you undoubtedly want to make your unique mark on the project. Your attention to detail takes a building from good to great. One place you can delve into details and exercise your creative muscles is with interior door designs. Wood doors complement a variety of commercial projects, from restaurants to office buildings, and they allow an extensive range of specialty options.

If you’re looking for new ideas to breathe creativity into a project, take a look at these four door design options.

1. Custom Laminates

Anything you or your client can imagine can be printed on a laminate for a flush wood door. Legoland recently installed doors with lifesize Lego characters on them. This idea is gaining popularity especially with mid-tier hotel chains looking for design ideas to fit their brand. Put logos, patterns or even text on doors for hotel rooms, offices, classrooms or any other kind of project. Give your client a great way to showcase their brand and make a lasting impression on their customers.

2. Router Carved MDF

Any design element you can draw can be carved into MDF, medium-density fiberboard, on a wood door. Achieve a sophisticated, timeless look with a raised panel door, or get the clean lines of a flat wood door. MDF, made by subjecting wood fibers to intense heat and pressure, provides a smooth, consistent finish. Its durability and versatility provide blank canvases for your ideas. Not only will MDF router carved doors look great, the solid core means acoustic performance and available fire-rating.

3. Metal Inlays

Metal inlays add a luxurious flourish that can help tie the look of the door with other features like appliances, light fixtures or furniture. The manufacturer cuts a channel into the wood door and fits metal embellishments into the channel. This technique can work for flush or stile and rail doors.

Different metals and finishes allow a wide range of different styles, from modern to glam. The designer of the Tampa Hilton Westshore chose metal inlays for custom interior and closet doors, for a unique touch to this hotel’s brand aesthetic.

Interior architectural door with metal inlay and frosted glass.

4. Custom Matched Paint Colors

Factory painted wood doors can be custom matched to the precise color for your commercial design project. Match the client’s branding or capture the perfect mood for a particular space. Colors inspired by nature are on trend right now, but the choice is yours. Combine custom-matched painting with any of the other options above to amaze your next client.

Custom Designs From Masonite Architectural

Masonite is here to help you realize your vision for commercial wood doors, meeting aesthetic and performance demands. Explore additional options for archtops, lights, custom glass, hardware, and other features. Whether you’re designing a school, office, hotel, restaurant, or other commercial space, you will find the doors to fit your specifications and budget.