Opening Your Client’s Doors on Time

How to Ensure Your Client's Doors Open on Time

Three keys to reduce lead times on your next project’s doors

Surely you’ve heard (and experienced) Murphy’s Law, “If anything can go wrong, it will.”

In the building industry, everyone has had projects where it seems no amount of planning could avoid the delays coming out of left field. Whether it’s a strike, protest, weather event, or holiday that causes major traffic and delays to the delivery of your products, anything can happen.

With over 80 years serving the industry, Masonite Architectural knows the impact these small disruptions can have on your project’s critical path and final completion. After all, we share the same goals: we want your client’s new doors open on time, so they can serve their customers and end users.

We can’t help you solve every project issue that can pop up, but we can offer a few key points you should follow to ensure your doors arrive on site and on time. Follow these three steps to reduce the lead times on your doors:

1. Sit down with your distributor early in design


As Stephen Covey famously wrote, “Begin with the end in mind.” 

Great advice for life and business, as well as design. And when it comes to choosing the perfect doors for your project, it’s a critical first step. That’s why an early meeting with your area Masonite Architectural rep helps you and the interior designer set the stage for a successful project.

Your local distributor can review your design intentions and point out veneers or designs with extended lead times. Knowing this up front helps everyone plan for delays and adjust accordingly. Alternatively, you might find ways to meet your design intent in veneer options with shorter lead times and lower costs for your client. 

Be sure you add this step to your early design to-do lists to avoid unnecessary stress down the road. 

2. Early finish sample matching

Samples Array

After going through your design with your area rep, Masonite Architectural works with you to find the perfect door finishes for your project. If you have samples you want matched, ask your distributor to collect them so our team can create sample matches for you to review.

Otherwise, we will send a range of finish samples so you can identify and select the perfect one for your project.

The earlier you begin collaborating with us, the sooner you and your interior designer will have an established design reference that you’ll be able to specify and design around. Plus, you’ll have confidence that your doors will have the right look and feel to shape your building’s spaces.

3. Submit through design reference samples

Consider this important note:

Today’s wood veneer doors have several subtle variations that can make a huge difference in the final appearance and cost of your doors. If you haven’t already, please review our webpage on different veneer cuts, grades, color and matching.

Once familiar with the terminology and differences surrounding wood veneers, you can provide a thorough description of what you want for the final look of your doors. By providing a design reference sample as part of the project specifications, you’ll remove the guesswork and save time. 

When you’re ready, your design reference sample(s) should include these important material and construction details:

  • Veneer grade
  • Veneer species
  • Veneer cut
  • Veneer leaf match
  • Face assembly match
  • Stain color, if applicable
  • Stain type, if applicable
  • Transparent finish, if applicable
  • Opaque finish, if applicable

You can also browse Masonite’s step-by-step, DoorSelector to design your door.

Final thoughts…

By adding these three simple steps to your early design process, you’ll reduce lead times and save a few headaches for your next project’s doors. 

  1. Sit down early with your distributor to decide on door finish and design. 
  2. Request finish sample matching as early as possible.
  3. Establish and keep a clearly defined design reference sample.

Masonite’s goal is to be your valuable resource and help you complete your projects on time, with doors that inspire and delight your client.

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