Simplifying Door Selection Start-to-Finish

Simplifying Door Selection Start-to-Finish

Imagine looking out over the Pacific Ocean from the penthouse suite of a gleaming 38-story luxury condo-hotel in Hawaii. A building of this esteem is expected to have intricate design elements and top-of-the-line finishes. That’s why the design team for the Ritz-Carlton Residences in Waikiki worked with us to specify more than 2,000 doors with various design and functional needs. Working with a single source helped ensure quality and consistency to meet the demands of this luxurious environment.

The high-end door styles for the multi-million-dollar residential spaces needed to not only match aesthetic expectations, they also needed to meet performance requirements such as fire and STC ratings.

Now, imagine working in a non-profit behavioral treatment center providing care to children with mental health issues. The design team for the Clarity Child Guidance Center was focused primarily on specifying high-performing doors that could create a warm, calming environment while also standing up to abuse and ensuring the safety of the patients and staff. Standard doors could not provide the long-lasting durability needed for this structure, which is why the design team turned to us to help create a successful environment with high-performing doors.

Choosing the right doors for your project isn’t easy — we know that. Especially when your projects span different building types and requirements. In this post, we’ll explain how we help create a simplified door specification and buying process.

Experience Leads to Simplification

In 1924, William H. Mason pioneered radical innovations in manufacturing with wood, leading the way towards modern door construction. Another pioneer in this world is one of our legacy brands, Marshfield, which has been making solid core wood doors since 1908. They’ve provided the door industry with numerous innovations in performance. Algoma, another of our legacy brands, has been known for innovations in door design for six decades and innovated distribution, which helped reduce door ordering and delivery times.

Today, Masonite Architectural is one of the undisputed leaders in manufacturing wood doors. We’re leveraging our experience to make your door selection process as simple as possible. Here are a few ways to help you start.

Identify the Market

Each project has its own unique design and certain traits shared with other buildings of its kind. We understand these market-specific qualities. From healthcare to hospitality, we have the experts to help you achieve your client’s goals for a better environment.

As you begin each new project, you need to educate yourself on the market trends, code requirements and other nuances critical to a successful design. When you understand the unique needs of your environment, you can begin focusing on the right door options for your building type.

Pinpoint Unique Design Needs

Once you’re clear on your project’s market-specific needs, look at the specific design requirements of each area and room of your building. To help ensure the environments you design provide the best possible experiences, we’ve put together solutions for your most stringent design needs, such as:

Drill Down to Specifics

Now that you’ve narrowed down the market and design needs, you’re ready to get down to door specifics to begin specifying the right doors for your project with confidence. This is when it helps to work directly with an expert partner. To help you find the perfect doors for your project, we’ve designed tools to make the process simple from start to finish.

It all begins with our step-by-step Door Selector, which helps you narrow down your door type, surface material and construction details. From there, the Product Details page will help you find the right veneer for your door. You’ll then have clear, complete door information to request samples and, ultimately, finalize your door specifications with confidence.

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Creating Successful Environments

Our experts are here to help guide you through the door selection and buying process. We’ll make sure you get openings to delight your clients on opening day (and for years to come). We can apply our expertise of wood type, grain, stain and design to complement your space. Often, designers give door hardware more consideration than the door itself. Masonite Architectural knows the whole opening matters. We offer a wide selection of paneling, veneer and material choices to meet your unique needs.

And, finally, remember to request samples of the specific species and cuts you’re considering. Experiencing the door through a sample can help reduce lead times for your project’s doors by ensuring your design choices are solved early. If you’re ready to get started on your current project, you can call 1-877-332-4484 or email us