Understanding Commercial Door Warranties

Understanding Commercial Door Warranties

When undertaking any commercial construction project, it’s important to understand the warranties on different products within the design. Here, we will talk about the basic components of a door warranty, how to protect it, and what to know about Masonite Architectural door warranties.

Client Communication About Warranties

The client will expect an overall warranty on the construction, but they may not know to ask about warranties on individual products. They may actually see a good warranty as a selling point. They are making a sizable investment and may have apprehensions about who will be responsible if a problem arises. Many consider lifetime warranties on architectural doors and the other component parts of their building worth a little extra cost in exchange for peace of mind. 

You can reassure your clients about their door investments by assuring them they’re getting good product warranties. Share all product documentation with the client so that they can keep everything on file after your job ends.

Protecting Your Door Warranty

To keep the warranty intact, it is important to know how to handle doors in the field upon receipt, how to properly install hardware and how to install the doors and frames. Start by inspecting the doors as soon as you receive them to look for any damage that may have occurred in transit. A warranty will not extend to doors installed with obvious defects. If you notice any damage, note it on the delivery receipt and notify your distributor immediately. Doors should always be installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s written instructions.

What a Commercial Door Warranty Document Should Include

Although you have countless documents to review and keep track of during a construction project, you should not neglect to review your product warranties. These are some features to look for within the terms of a commercial door warranty.


Remedies describe how a manufacturer agrees to address potential issues with their product. They may agree to repair, replace or refund a product, depending on the degree of the problem and their ability to fix it. The agreement may contain specific language about how promptly you (or the client) must report any issues, and how expenses related to the remedies — such as installation of a new door — will be handled.


Exclusions are simply a list of anything the warranty does not cover. Examples might be doors that are hung improperly or have hardware installed improperly. Always ensure that your doors are handled and installed by qualified professionals every step of the way.


Think of tolerances as the conditions that the door can “tolerate” in order to stay protected by the warranty. For example, exposing a wood door to extreme temperatures or humidity might damage it in ways that exceed the coverage of the warranty. For doors, tolerances will vary tremendously based on the style, type of construction, core material, and numerous other factors, so read these closely. For example, a flush door has much different tolerances than a stile and rail door.

Claims procedures

The warranty’s claims procedure will outline what to do if you encounter a defect, including how quickly you must report it, and who to contact — whether it’s the distributor or the manufacturer themselves.

Masonite Architectural Warranties

Masonite Architectural is proud to offer excellent warranties on our interior wood doors. AspiroTM doors come with a lifetime warranty. Most CenduraTM doors carry a limited lifetime warranty, with the exception of hollow core and bi-fold doors, which come with a one-year warranty.

The lifetime and limited lifetime warranties begin on the date that the doors are originally purchased and continue for as long as the doors remain in use at the commercial structure where, and as, originally installed. Masonite Architectural also warranties finishes and accessories installed in our manufacturing facilities. Note that glass lites fall under a separate warranty.

Graphic of a Masonite Architectural warranty on paper

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