Why Impact Edges Help Wood Doors Last Longer

Architectural wood doors look great in a wide range of project styles. Their timeless beauty outlasts trends again and again. However, for the doors themselves to last just as long, they need to withstand a lot of use. The more heavily trafficked the area where you specify them, the more impact they can take. For example, a hotel room door might be hit by luggage carts often.

The edges are where doors tend to take the most damage. To help commercial architectural doors look their best for years to come, specify impact resistant edges. Application-specific vertical edges add to the door’s durability without sacrificing beauty.

Where Impact Edge Doors Work Best

High-impact door edges make a smart addition to a range of commercial design projects. For example, in a healthcare setting, doors should be able to withstand impact from stretchers or wheelchairs, along with frequent opening and closing.

In an education environment, children and large crowds may be less than careful with how they treat doors. In hotels, doors should be on brand but also durable enough to contend with luggage and room service carts. In office buildings, corridor doors and stairway doors take heavy use. These are just a few scenarios where architectural doors face frequent wear and potential damage.

Without protection, the edges of wood doors, especially at the corners experience cracking and breakage of the veneer. The damage is not only unsightly but can ultimately affect the ability of the door to function correctly. In extreme cases they can even present a safety hazard, for example, if someone gets their clothing caught on a ragged edge.

Impact Edge Doors Upgrade a Space

You don’t have to design a brand new space to benefit from beautiful, durable impact resistant doors. Replacing doors is a great way to upgrade a space during a renovation, rebranding, or ADA retrofitting. The difference after replacing all of the doors in a building with a fresh, new style or color is dramatic. Some companies also seek to enhance the durability of doors out of security concerns.

A makeover of a hotel or office building, for example, allows the opportunity to specify new architectural doors that serve a wide range of purposes. Achieve a new look while increasing durability and longevity.

Masonite Impact Edge Doors

Masonite Architectural has a commitment to products that stand the test of time. To that end, our Aspiro series doors are available with high pressure decorative laminate or impact edges. Masonite impact edge doors eliminate the need for metal edges or kick plates, so you get to maintain the high-end aesthetic of wood.

Clients also appreciate that the door’s vertical edges are completely smooth, so they don’t collect dirt. This makes them more hygienic and easy to clean, both important features especially for interior doors for healthcare and education projects. You can specify smooth edges on the top and bottom of the door, too.

Masonite Architectural high impact durable edge door with door handle.

Options for Impact Edge Doors

While the edges of architectural doors take the most wear and tear, for heavily-used doors, you will want a full high-impact solution. Masonite Architectural high-impact surfaces are specifically engineered to withstand intense use. Choose from a wide range of solid colors and wood grain patterns, or go with a high-pressure decorative laminate for tough commercial door that’s ready for anything.

Our high impact durable edges adhere to superior industry standards. They’re tested and built to WDMA, AWI and AWS performance duty level standards.

For more information, please order an Aspiro door sample today, or contact your a Masonite rep about high-impact edge commercial doors.