Graham and Maiman Brand History

In the fields of architecture and design, you come to know and trust certain brand names and probably have files full of samples and literature from products you prefer to specify. In working with architectural and commercial doors, you have likely encountered Graham flush wood doors or Maiman stile and rail doors. These high-quality products are now within the Masonite Architectural family. If you happen to be looking for Graham or Maiman doors, here is an update on where to find them..

Graham and Maiman Join Masonite Architectural

Graham architectural products trace their history back to the 1960s in rural Pennsylvania. Maiman likewise established itself as a respected brand over the course of the last 30-plus years. The legacy, beauty, and reliability of both brands has made them a favorite choice for architects and designers in construction projects nationwide.

Masonite Architectural acquired Graham Manufacturing Corporation and The Maiman Company in 2018; both were part of AADG, Inc. at the time. Under the Masonite Architectural brand, Graham continues to provide the non-residential construction industry with a full range of premium and custom grade architectural flush wood doors. Maiman products still include high-end architectural stile and rail and thermal fused flush wood doors as well as wood door frames.

As well known brands, Graham and Maiman augment Masonite Architectural’s already robust portfolio of products with options for virtually every part of hospital, school, hotel, office, or other commercial construction projects.

The Value of Two Great Brands from One Manufacturer

One of the challenges of large commercial projects is the need for many different kinds of design elements to meet different aesthetic and performance needs. The availability of Graham and Maiman products from a single manufacturer helps to streamline your orders for architectural doors.

Graham and Maiman can provide most types and styles of wood doors and is one of the few manufacturers able to deliver both custom and standard doors in the same order. Therefore, architects enjoy total design freedom with the ability to choose or modify any doors to meet their exact design plans.

Graham and Maiman Paint and Stain Colors

Graham and Maiman have always been available in a wide range of factory-finished paint and stain colors, offering you the perfect look to match any project. You can continue to choose a high quality factory finish in any Pantone color, along with painted accessories, or explore our full range of veneers and stain colors.

Aspiro stile and rail doors in hotel lobby

Sustainability of Graham and Maiman Doors

The Graham and Maiman product lines offer doors built from renewable materials and cores that contain no added urea-formaldehyde. They have also achieved several GREENGUARD certifications for meeting green building standards. At Masonite Architectural, our field representatives include accredited LEED AP professionals who can advise you on making sustainable choices.

Find All Your Favorite Commercial Door Brands at Masonite Architectural

Graham and Maiman aren’t the only brands to join the Masonite Architectural family. In recent years, we have also acquired nine other door brands, including Algoma, Baillargeon, Harring, Marshfield, Mohawk, and USA Wood Door. For your clients who are familiar with these names, you can assure them that they can expect the same quality door products as always—but now with the benefit of getting them from one manufacturer.

Our goal is to provide you with the products and expertise to specify all the wood doors you need for any architectural or commercial project. Make sure to visit our samples and literature page and browse our other product lines, including Aspiro and Cendura, to make sure your door samples and website bookmarks are up to date.

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