Stile and Rail Combination Doors & Fire Rating Options

Our combination doors offer tremendous flexibility and style. These doors are available as true divided lites up to 20-minute fire ratings. We can also use custom elements such as metal lite kits to provide the same look for higher rated doors. Maiman offers several standard combination door options. In addition, we can also make custom combination doors according to your specifications that offer you more flexibility. 

The charts below set out our minimum dimensions for our combination doors as well as the maximum dimensions that will secure a UL- or Warnock Hersey-sponsored fire rating. In addition, we can usually construct doors that surpass the below dimensions and give them Construction Label Only (CLO) tags.

* Note:combination doors with true divided lights are not available in 45-60-min fire ratings. A similar look is achieved using light kits and rails/mullions; accordingly, a particular component such as a light kit may change or add the requirements listed below. 

45, 60 and 90-minute doors require metal or veneer wrapped metal lite kits (not true-divided lite) which will decrease the illustrated division of 1 in. to 0.75 in.

60 and 90-minute doors with more than 100 sq. in. clear view area of glazing will carry a temperature rise rating in excess of 650 degrees Farenheit.

*The top edge of the bottom rail must be a minimum of 10″ above finished floor to comply with ADA requirements.

Dimension Ranges (Positive Pressure)

Max door height9′8′8′9′
Max door width4′3′3′3′
Min door thickness1 3/4″1 3/4″1 3/4″2 1/4″

Dimension Ranges (Neutral Pressure)

Max door height10′9′9′9′9′
Max door width4′4′3’6″3’6″3’6″
Max door thickness2 1/4″2 1/4″2 1/4″2 1/4″2 1/4″
Min door thickness1 3/8″1 3/4″1 3/4″1 3/4″2 1/4″
Min stile height9″9″9″9″9″
Min stile width3″5″5″5″5″
Min mullion width3″3″3″3″3″
Min rail length9″9″9″9″9″
Min top rail width3″5″5″5″5″
Min cross/lock rail width3″3″3″3″3″
Min bottom rail width3″9 1/2″9 1/2″9 1/2″9 1/2″
Min bar/munt width1/2″1″1″1″1″
Max panel height80″93 1/2″93 1/2″93 1/2″93 1/2″
Min panel height6″6″6″6″6″
Max panel width38″38″32″32″32″
Min panel width6″6″6″6″6″
Min flat panel thickness5/8″5/8″1 1/8″*1 1/8″*1 1/8″*
Min raised panel thickness1 1/8″1 1/8″**1 1/8″1 1/8″1 1/8″
* 2 1/4″ door thickness
** or 1 1/2″ standard

Custom Specification

If your needs require a slightly different look, we can handle it. Since all of our work is custom in nature, we have the flexibility to adjust to what you want. Our competitors can’t promise that.