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Letting people in and out is just a starting point. At Masonite, we believe in designing solutions that support the success of an entire project, from concept to completion. No matter the industry, we deliver more.

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Color Example Sustainability & ESG

Sustainability & ESG

More Responsibility

Corporate responsibility is at the core of who we are. We strive to make a difference for our planet, employees, and communities. Learn more about our efforts in Environmental, Social and Governance.

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Color Example Hospitality


Home Atmosphere Away From Home

See how Masonite completes the look of a hotel, making every guest feel welcome.

Explore the Ritz-Carlton Residences in Waikiki Beach
Color Example HEALTHCARE


Doors That Care as Much as You

Discover the design details that create healing hospital environments through cleanability and durability.

Learn the Story of CHUM Hospital
Color Example EDUCATION


Fewer Distractions. More Learning.

Learn how technological innovations and partnerships with security experts helped us create doors that foster education and safety.

See Our Work With the College of Chicago
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More Ways to Make Spaces Work

See how Masonite finds solutions for modern workspaces that encourage inspiration, complement aesthetics and promote productivity.

Tour the Microsoft Office in Montreal
  • Less Noise Equals More Focus

    Acoustic door solutions that create better spaces to live, work and heal.

    The Value of Silence

    Learn how doors play a crucial role in the built environment.

    Acoustic Sound Tool

    Hear the difference acoustically rating doors can make to the environment

    Acoustic Door Finder

    Find the right wood door for any environment based on STC rating, fire rating and more.

  • Less Worry. More Security.

    Safety features that give peace of mind.

    Display for Less Worry. More Security.

    Masonite Architectural Attack Resistant Doors

    We’ve teamed up with Armoured One to create a door designed to slow down an active shooter.

    Built Strong

    We combine some of the strongest materials in doors, like Armoured One glass, for maximum protection.

    Tried and Tested

    Our door is designed to resist the equivalent of a ten-pound sledgehammer dropped at 22.9 miles per hour.

  • Less Maintenance. More Cleanliness.

    Easy-clean surfaces that keep spaces sanitary and appealing.

    Display for Less Maintenance. More Cleanliness.

    Wear-and-Tear Protection

    Our Clean Edges can be added for easier cleaning and durability, holding up to the demands of the environment.

    High-Traffic, High Performance

    Our High-Pressure Decorative Laminate doors hold up to the heaviest of foot traffic.

    Designed for Healthcare

    Choose from a complete line of durable, easy-to-clean laminate surfaces that give patients and visitors confidence in a facility’s cleanliness.