Premium Painted

Create the visual impact of a painted door without the time commitment and inconsistencies that can occur with field-applied finishes.

Surface Types

Medium Density Overlay (MDO)

Core Types

Wood Based Particleboard
Structural Composite Lumber (SCLC)
45 Particleboard
45-90 Mineral

Architectural Door Solutions Impactful Experiences, Truly Custom Looks

The Aspiro™ Series is expertly crafted to help you create world-class environments that inspire — spaces that are frequently visited but rarely forgotten.

Beautiful Doors Start at the Surface

Our Factory Finished Doors are now available in seven designer standard colors.
Custom color-matching options also available.


Whether you’re providing enhanced acoustics to ensure peace and privacy in patient rooms or greater durability to stand up to high levels of traffic in a hotel lobby — we have the right door solution for every opening.