Acoustically-Rated Door Solutions

Helping to create sound spaces to live, work, learn and heal.

Sound Science Resources

Studies have shown that quality acoustic design can aid the healing process in healthcare facilities, create a better educational environment in schools and provide an essential component to guest satisfaction in hospitality.

Learn why acoustics can be essential to shaping better environments—and how door openings are critical to creating a better building.

See how Masonite Architectural acoustically-rated doors helped create the desired environment for Clarity Children Guidance Center.

This course will discuss how door systems play a vital acoustic role within healthcare, hospitality, education and office environments.

Listen to Design Event Recap

Hear from acoustic experts. Watch this recap of Masonite Architectural’s interactive panel event.

Find the Right Acoustically-Rated Door

Masonite Architectural acoustically-rated doors are optimized to weaken airborne sound. Every door is tested in operable openings and rated with the gasket and seal packages. To find the right wood door for any environment, use our Acoustic Door Finder tool and sort via STC and fire ratings.

Experience Our Acoustic Sound Tool

To demonstrate the difference an acoustically-rated door system can make, Masonite Architectural has developed an innovative digital sound tool. Put on a pair of headphones and control the sound by swapping out acoustic doors in healthcare, hospitality, education and office settings.