Acoustic Design Trends, Research and Strategies

Acoustics in architecture not only determine how sound is transmitted through spaces, but also impact the overall productivity and well-being of occupants. While acoustics are a well-discussed topic, there are still many challenges architects, designers and contractors face when it comes to getting acoustics right. Browse the resources below to learn more about the importance of acoustic design, door solutions and other elements in the built environment.

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Experience our Sound Tool

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Explore Acoustic-Rated Doors

About Our “Listen to Design” Initiative

Historically, architecture has been centered around the visual experience. At Masonite Architectural, we know that sound is just as important as sight—both are crucial to improving the built environment. That’s why we are leading the conversation about acoustics and how acoustic design can be used to create happier, healthier and more productive environments. We are committed to sharing ideas, research and strategies about how acoustics and acoustic door solutions can play a crucial role in built environments

Exclusive Insights from Acoustic Experts

“Designing for Etiquette” with Workplace Strategy Consultant Michelle Osburn
“Building Noise & Occupant Health” with Professional Acoustical Consultant
John LoVerde
“The Rise of Acoustic Tools” with Creative and Trend Consultant Claire Walsh
“The Cost of Retro-Fitted Acoustics” with Sound Concept Lead Ethan Bourdeau
“Integrating Acoustic Design” with Technical Acoustic Expert Ryan Biziorek