Interior and Exterior

Architectural Doors

Find the perfect doors for your performance, aesthetic and budget needs.

Interior and Exterior

Architectural Doors

Find the perfect doors for your performance, aesthetic and budget needs.

Interior and Exterior

Architectural Doors

Find the perfect doors for your performance, aesthetic and budget needs.

Livingston Doors by Masonite
Select a door with refined style and durability to enhance guest experience in hospitality environments.
Livingston Doors by Masonite
Select a door built to withstand the wear and tear of healthcare while promoting recovery and wellness
Livingston Doors by Masonite
Create a setting for learning and improved focus with a door that blocks noise and distraction.
Architectural Doors_Office
Select an acoustic-rated door that increases productivity while elevating the workspace.

The Right Door for the Right Opening

Save time and reduce complexity for your next project. Our simplified selection narrows your search for the perfect doors down to two series.

Acoustic Door Solutions

Create a better space to live, work and heal.


The Value of Silence

Learn how doors play a crucial role in the built environment.


Acoustic Sound Tool

Hear the difference acoustically-rated doors can make to the environment.


Acoustic Door Finder

Find the right wood door for any environment based on STC rating, fire rating and more.

Recommended Door Solutions

Select Wood Veneer


Elevate your project with a custom wood door in any style.

Authentic Stile & Rail


Embrace the latest design trends by customizing the perfect door.

Choice Laminates


Ensure heavy-duty performance without sacrificing aesthetics.

Standard Painted


Enhance traditional or contemporary projects with versatile wood doors.

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A Century of Door Expertise & Innovation

Our passion for authentic craftsmanship and trend-forward thinking drives us to create the industry’s most distinct, innovative door offering.

100 Years of Expertise

For well over 100 years, the legacy companies of Masonite Architectural – Algoma, Baillargeon, Harring, Marshfield, Mohawk, Graham and Maiman – have been building unique and differentiated capabilities in the applications of wood veneers. We strive to be customers’ indispensable partner for creating successful buildings and shaping better environments — so they can always specify with confidence.

About Us

Complete Hospitality Door Solutions

Today’s guests demand high levels of comfort, aesthetics and the latest technology. The right doors for every opening and every space can help meet these heightened expectations — shaping the guest experience from the lobby all the way through their refreshing stay.

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Shaping Better Environments in Healthcare

Healthcare projects are complex and require more than a one-door solution. Doors influence the overall aesthetic of the space and, most importantly, help block out noise, resist wear-and-tear and support a sterile environment.

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Your Complete Education Door Solution

To maximize student achievement, today’s schools require more than a talented staff. Doors can help improve focus by providing secure, sound spaces to learn and grow.

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Creating Successful Office and Mixed-Use Spaces

The demand for updated offices and unique, mixed-use projects only continues to grow. Doors in these spaces play a key role in delivering a desired brand or experience; they also keep environments safe and quiet while standing up to heavy traffic.

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Explore the Solutions

Masonite Architectural is deeply invested in acoustics expertise, with a breadth of high-STC options to achieve increased harmony in any built environment. Learn more about Acoustic Door Solutions… Click Here


Acoustic doors are optimized to weaken airborne sound, which travels through openings with very little loss. Our acoustic doors are tested in operable openings and rated with the gasket and seal packages as listed in Appendix M.

Acoustic-rated doors are ideal for:

  • Patient rooms
  • Hotel guest rooms
  • Classrooms
Learn more on how acoustics play a key role in the built environment by visiting our Acoustic Science Page

Designed to withstand heavy traffic, our laminated surfaced doors are built to last. High impact options can withstand the most punishing environments and include resilient edges that minimize damage to the face material. We also adhere to superior industry standards with constructions tested and built to WDMA, AWI and AWS performance duty level standards.

Durable doors are ideal for:

  • Emergency rooms
  • Hotel lobbies
  • Gymnasiums
  • Assisted Living Facilities
Providing a safe and protected environment for occupants is every building owner’s goal. From fire-rated assemblies that meet life safety codes and radiation protection to privacy options and impact-resistant edges, our doors help meet the demands of specialty type applications in architectural and commercial buildings.

Specialty type doors include:

  • Radiation Shield
  • Bullet Resistant
  • Fire-Rated Doors (20 to 90 minutes)
  • Acoustic
  • High Impact surfaces and edges
  • Doors with Privacy Blinds
  • Attack Resistant Door Opening

Specialty type doors are ideal for:

  • Imaging rooms
  • Classrooms
  • Government Offices
  • Human Resource Offices
  • Courtrooms
  • Doctor’s Offices

Consumers connect with brands that reflect their values. Sustainable doors ensure superior indoor air quality, support corporate environmental values and foster loyalty from today’s sustainably-minded guests. We offer eco-friendly door solutions and provide extensive third-party certifications to validate environmental qualities.

Our doors have the ability to contribute to multiple sustainability credits through our use of:

  • Recycled Content
  • Regional Material
  • Rapid Renewable Materials
  • Certified Wood
  • Environmental Product Declarations
  • Low-Emiting Materials (including CARB ULEF & NAUF)
At Masonite Architectural, we recognize that third-party certification is the key to your project’s success. Ensuring the validity of our environmental claims is why our doors are third-party certified as low-emitting through SCS Global Services’ SCS Indoor Advantage Gold certification program.

A door is a central fixture that can dramatically shape the built environment. Through the versatility of wood, you can customize a door’s style to enhance your project’s design from contemporary to traditional and everything in-between. We offer virtually endless design options and a wide array of exotic veneers and surfaces that will help you create a successful building.

Doors built with aesthetics in mind are ideal for:

  • Healthcare facilities
  • Hospitality
  • Education

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