Explaining the Value of Quality Commercial Solid Wood Doors

6 Tips to Help Commercial Construction Clients Understand the Value of Quality Architectural Doors

Quality Solid Wood Doors Never Go Out of Style

While doors comprise only one small portion of a commercial construction budget, their quality affects the finished product in multiple, important ways.

First-time property owners might look at every line in a budget for places to trim costs. When they do, they may find the costs of architectural and commercial solid wood doors surprising. That’s because, if they’re more familiar with residential doors, architectural doors seem expensive by comparison.

To help them understand the importance of their investment, share the following points with them.

1. Architectural & Commercial Doors Take a Lot of Abuse

Remind your client how much traffic they hope to see through their restaurant, hotel, medical office, or whatever kind of business they own. Doors get used constantly, often by visitors or clients who aren’t as conscientious as one might hope. They may kick doors open, bump into them with luggage carts, let their children bang on them, or worse.

 Solid core wood doors are durable, especially those with impact edges or factory finished paint. Stile and rail doors are particularly sturdy—and stylish—and can last a long time, saving the client money in the future.

2. Architectural & Commercial Doors Must Meet Stricter Code Requirements 

Commercial clients may not be aware of the many different code requirements for interior and exterior doors, in the various parts of a building in their industry. Hundreds or thousands of people’s lives may depend on a door’s fire resistance, for example, so those codes are in place for a reason. They might need to consider ballistics or lead lining as well, depending on the nature of their business.

3. Quality Solid Wood Doors Never Go Out of Style

Most businesses feel the need to redecorate and rebrand frequently these days. For example, most hotels get a facelift every six to eight years. For many restaurants, it’s even more frequent. The timeless beauty of a stile and rail door outlasts any fashion trend. The combination of durability and a classic look make it a smart long-term investment.

4. Beautiful Wooden Doors Make a Statement

Doors make a strong impression on customers, whether they notice consciously or not. When a patron arrives at a business and move from one space to another inside, they interact with doors a lot. A gorgeous, unique door can make a strong impression of the business’ brand and quality. Plus, their functionality affects the overall experience. Different kinds of people, of different ages and abilities, all need to use them effortlessly. Quality doors are worth the customer experience.

5. Clients Trust Brand Names They Know

Your client might ask about the brands of the products you spec for their building. If you can assure them that a particular brand of commercial wood doors comes with your personal seal of approval, as well as a long history in business, they may show more willingness to foot the bill. 

6. Clients Care About Warranties

You can reassure your clients about their investments in high-quality wood doors with good warranties. They are making a sizable investment and taking a leap of faith by starting a business or moving one to a bigger, better space. Recognize that they might feel nervous about encountering problems down the line. Many consider lifetime warranties on architectural doors and the other component parts of their building worth the investment.

At Masonite, Aspiro doors come with a lifetime warranty, while Cendura doors carry a limited lifetime warranty.

Even if your client is less familiar with the range of commercial brands available, some will know the name Masonite from the residential market. You can also assure them that, with Masonite, they will not have to choose between performance and appearance or use doors as a place to cut costs. When they arrive at work each day, they too will see those well made doors you specified and will appreciate the beauty and reliability.

Masonite Architectural – Want help?

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We can apply our expertise of wood type, grain, stain and door design to complement your space. Often, designers give door hardware more consideration than the door itself. Masonite Architectural knows the whole opening matters. We offer a wide selection of veneer options and available material choices.

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