Using Wood Stain Samples When Planning Your Projects

Architecture and design engage all of the senses. Your choices work together to create an immersive experience. For this reason, choosing architectural materials by only seeing them on a screen—in two dimensions and with colors limited by HTML code—can never give you a true sense of their aesthetic qualities. Wood stain samples of architectural doors give you a more realistic and tactile experience to aid you in making the best choices for your projects. Learn more about how to use wood stain samples to your advantage.

What are the Benefits of Ordering Door Stain Samples for Commercial Projects?

There are four main benefits you get when you order door stain samples from Masonite Architectural.

1. Can Preview the Stain Colors in Different Lighting

We all know how much impact lighting makes on the look and feel of a space. Different wood grains and stain colors for doors may look completely different in low light or bright light, and whether the light comes from above or head-on. Samples enable you to visualize the location of interior doors relative to a light source and see how the wood looks.

2. Can Compare Door Colors with Other Design Elements

Various wood species and cuts take stain in different ways, producing variations in color. Easily place wood door samples alongside samples of millwork, furniture and other design elements. This will ensure that your interior entryway choices will fit with and complement everything around them.

3. Helps Clients Envision Their Finished Spaces

A key part of an architect or designer’s job is to enable their client to image the finished space. Showing them wood stain samples in person allows you to do that. They can see and appreciate the quality of the wood, accurately assess the color and texture, and picture the doors in their office, school or other location.

Keep Samples Handy for Quick Reference

When you embark on a project, you have numerous elements and vendor interactions to manage. You can save time by ordering a range of wood door samples so that you have them on hand when you need them.

Why Choose Factory Stained Doors?

Having all of your wood interior doors factory stained helps ensure consistency across your project. The controlled climate of the factory minimizes contact with dust. Doors get adequate drying and curing time in favorable temperatures and humidity. Factory staining also helps with maintaining project timelines, since contractors can install the doors immediately after delivery. If you want a more consistent, efficient and reliable finish in less time, factory-stained wood doors are the solution.

What Stain Colors are Available for Masonite Architectural Doors?

Masonite Architectural offers more than a dozen colors for Cendura Series stained doors; these are also available for Aspiro Series doors. Stain colors range from a clear finish that showcases the natural beauty of the wood, to a deep stout that works with a wide range of design styles. You can request individual 8”x10” samples of specific species-color combinations, or you can select a box of all stain colors in a particular species, in 2”x4” size.

Wood Species Options for All Doors

  • Plain sliced red oak
  • Plain sliced white oak
  • Plain sliced white maple
  • Rotary white birch
  • Plain sliced white birch
  • Rotary natural birch
  • Plain sliced cherry

plain sliced white birch wood with clear factory finished stain
rotary natural birch wood with cinnamon stain

Stain Color Options for Aspiro and Cendura Series Doors

  • Clear
  • Espresso
  • Cinnamon
  • Stout
  • Caramel
  • Honey
  • Cane
  • Nutmeg
  • Toast Bourbon
  • Saffron
  • Rolled Oats
  • Cocoa Bean

plain sliced red oak wood door with toast stain

How to Order Stain Samples from Masonite Architectural

Wood stain samples will guide you toward the best decisions the next time you specify interior wood doors for a hospitality, retail, office or education project. Masonite Architectural would be happy to supply your file of samples. Just fill out a quick sample ordering form, and you should have your samples within one to five business days. Order what you need to plan a current project or prepare for future projects. If you are keeping our veneer samples for reference, please keep them in their original packaging and boxes.  You should store them in a dark closet or cabinet to avoid discoloration from UV and other light sources.  This will ensure that your samples stay in the appropriate color for future reference.