20 min Fire Rated Glazing Options

The following will apply with wood bead 20-minute lite kit:

Clear Glass will be ¼” Fireglass-20 unless otherwise specified, with 1” bars and muntins and our wood bead 20-minute lite kit. Maximum size for Maiman’s 20-minute “French” door lites will be 12.5” x 24.5” (cutout size) for no limit of lites.

Maximum Clear View Area (unless otherwise noted): 35” wide x 77” high.

Glass Types

  • 1/4” PyroEdge 20 (32” wide x 87” high)

  • 1/4” Fireglass 20 (36” wide X 84” high)

  • 1/4” Superlite 1-20

  • 1/4” Wire (Not Safety Rated)

  • 3/16” Firelite (Not Safety Rated)

  • 5/16” Firelite Plus

  • 3/16” Firelite NT

  • 1/4” Pyroswiss


With 3” min. cross or lock rails, max. single cutout size will be larger, per sizes above. Larger combinations are available with 3” rails rather than 1” bars and muntins.

Additional 20-Minute Glazing Notes 
Stile & Rail doors may be used in combination with fire rated glazing and metal or wood veneered metal lite kits, as necessary. Consult factory for particulars, such as minimum 6” stiles and top rails with metal lite kits or that multiple lites with metal or wood lite kits may be used if separated by 3” mullions or cross rails.